Thursday, October 8, 2009

Glory Hole Poetry

Say Hi to Mike! We met at a bookstore and he's fed me his cock many times over the past three years. He usually comes at about two in the morning and is only there 20 or 30 minutes. It's just heavenly, I gotta tell ya!

Trolling the coin-op is not always as rewarding...

Y'know, how sometimes you sit for what seems like hours, waiting for the next man to fill your hole? A boy can get bored sitting in a dark cell lit only by a circle of light at cock height just inches from your lips. It becomes necessary to devise ways to keep from getting bored, just listening to moaning and disco. Nowadays I'm sure y'all have your G8s or whatever in there with you. That'd be super. I'm also interested in the possibility of secretly videotaping urinals with those button-sized video cameras....

In my case, I composed poetry. Here's one:

I've got a flat spot on the top of my head,
where you can set your beer -
My mouth feels like it's toothless,
'cause I'm a little queer -
I'm three feet tall when I'm on my knees -
my tongue is eight inches long -
The guys all know that I luv to please
a Man with a big juicy Dong!


  1. That is one of the most inticing cocks I have ever seen. You're a lucky cock sucker!!!


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